Monday, February 27, 2012

"Satisyfing lover"

"Satisfying Lover" -Video

About this work:
 This work was performed as a part of White Oak Dance Project's PASTforward tour in 2000-2001. The goal of this work was to push the boundaries of movement.  Using pedestrian movement, especially walking, Paxton allowed dance to become accessible to a variety of people coming from many walks of life. As you watch this dance, it becomes clear that the dancers are not the stereotypical "dancer" in peak physical condition. This cast could have easily been a  randomly selected group of people off the streets of some large city; people of a range of ages and sizes. Paxton believes that it's important that movement is available to everyone. -Rachel

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About Rachel

I am currently a senior at UWM in the dance program. I'm working toward a BA in dance and a Minor in somatics. After graduation, I hope to be work toward a clinical doctorate in physical therapy. I am extremely interested in the cross over of dance, somatics, and physical therapy. When it comes to dance, I have a need to create. For this reason I love improvisation, and even simply choreographing. I think creation is the greatest gift a person has to give the world, especially art. I have a great love and appreciation for all art forms. I believe that no art from is independent from any other art from. Rather, music, dance, and visual art, are all constantly feeding off of one another and inspiring new work.